Best Soccer Equipment Technologies

The soccer equipment plays an integral role after back to back scandals in the world of soccer. The need to implement a stronger technology that supports the decisions by the referee that seems critical is important for better utopian gameplay.

Goal line technology

Goal line technology

One of the first and foremost inclusions in the past few years was the goal line technology. Just think how furious you would be when your team struck the woodwork. You would be even more furious if a goal you scored were denied by the referee. The goal line technology helps to make a decision instantaneously in most of the leagues such as EPL, La Liga, and the Bundesliga in the past year or so.


Soccer Foam

Taking free kicks are incredibly tricky. The difference in inches between the goal and the spot these spot kicks are taken from are crucial and works as a deciding factor in scoring goals. However, the players tend to move the ball to shoot from a continent location to them. It can be avoided with the help of foam. If the ball was away from the foam line, then the player will be shown a yellow card. The same foam is used to keep the wall from moving forward to block the shots in a free kick. If any players move forward the foam line drawn, they will be booked automatically. The best part of the foam is it will disappear automatically in a minute as it consists of 80% water and the 20% butane gas.


Soccer Equipment

Soccer cleats are similar to baseball cleats, except these are made of rubber to give you the flexibility you need while dribbling the soccer ball. The right pair of cleats with a perfect fit on your feet can help you score a goal. However, the difficulty lies in choosing the right pair of cleats, especially when you have wider feet. If you have wide feet, then remember to choose a pair of the clear that is even wider. Want to see more of soccer cleats for wide feet? Visit Soccer Gear Wider cleats would allow you to move more freely without restricting movement of your toes and feet. However, also remember not to choose them too widely. It would make you lose your balance, and you may trip at the critical point of the game. The material can either be leather or rubber. A various brand like Puma, Adidas and Nike offers you the best cleat available in the market. Even so, there are other brands like Zephz, which are not widely popular but offer the same quality. Consider them well before making your decision.



This invention by Christian Cutler in Berlin is saving the German players like Shinji Kagawa, Robert Lewandowski, and Mario Gotze from injuries and have helped them a lot in improving the game. This helps with first touch and reaction timing of the player. The random shooting device asks the player to pass the ball into the correct green-coloured flashing LED grid out of the 64 grids. The advanced technology improves a midfield's precision and long passing abilities. And, the beep. Footbonaut: Hoffenheim leads football into the future -

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